NOTICE:  The entire herd of Lee's Kerry Farm is for sale due to failing health of the owners.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  At the time of this writing there are ten head for sale with seven calves about to be born. The price is $18,000 for the entire herd.  We will not sell the cows off separately but we will sell bull calves one at a time.

Kerry--A very special breed
Kerry cows are a very rare heritage dairy breed of cattle.  There are only about seventy left in the US and only a few hundred in the world.  They are an ancient breed  that  generally produce about two gallons of very high-quality milk per day which is an ideal amount for a family homestead.  Kerry cattle do quite well on poor pasture.  They are black with horns, but many herds are dehorned.   They are  small cows, but they have not been downbred to achieve their small size. They have been small for thousands of years.   Their body is proportional.  They are not the large cows on tiny peg legs that you see on so many miniature or dwarf cows.  They are similar to Dexter but without the chrondodysphlasia (bulldog gene). Most  believe that Dexters were produced by crossing Kerry with something else. Kerry cattle have characteristics that have been lost in modern dairy breeds such as Holstein and Jersey. They are ideal for the homestead or small family farm.  They are wonderful for making cheese or butter.  

 kerry picture

Obtaining a Kerry

The bad news is that Kerry cows are generally not for sale at any price.  The  handful of people who own them generally will not sell any female animal and even buying a bull is difficult.  They're scarce.   Any cow that becomes for sale is gobbled up by the present breeders regardless of price. It's not that the breeders want to be a hog.  Most present Kerry owners are very dedicated to the breed and they want to make sure the few Kerry cows remain pure and reproducing and they don't want to risk a single animal to a beginner who might not succeed.   It is not acceptable for even one cow to be lost or sold on the livestock  market for slaughter.  If the Kerry breed survives every single purebred animal must be fully valued.  Not a single one can fall through the cracks for any reason.  It is our goal to increase the Kerry  population so that the average person can once again own a Kerry cow.   Kerry cows can soon be obtained  from us through embryo transplant.  We will also  have bull calves for sale.

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